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Fantasy Art - 3D Wallpapers - Stuff of Dreams
Stuff of Dreams
Fantasy Art - 3D Wallpapers - Alien Planets
Alien Planets
Fantasy Art - 3D Wallpapers - Galactic Traveller
Galactic Traveller
Fantasy Art - 3D Wallpapers - Fairies & Dragons
Fairies & Dragons
Fantasy Art - 3D Wallpapers - Heaven Life
Heaven Life
Fantasy Art - 3D Wallpapers - Angel Magic
Angel Magic
Fantasy Art - 3D Wallpapers - Pastures New
Pastures New
Fantasy Art - 3D Wallpapers - Magic Spheres
Magic Spheres
Fantasy Art - 3D Wallpapers - Emotions
Fantasy Art - 3D Wallpapers - Digital Lifeforms
Digital Lifeforms
Fantasy Art - 3D Wallpapers - Abstract Delight
Abstract Delight

Fantasy Art and 3D Desktop Wallpapers

Welcome to the realm of Light and Magic, you are free to explore, send to your mobile or download to your desktop amazing fantasy images from the fantastical and alien worlds of digital artist, Jurgen Ziewe . Roam dream-like landscapes, explore incandescent seascapes, and soar through luminous skies. Tour these strange new worlds and meet the mythical creatures and other-worldly inhabitants that dwell there. Take some time as a tourist and bring back a desktop wallpaper as a souvenir or download a snapshot quickly and easily to your mobile phone. You are entering the realm of light and magic.

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Think of this store as a shopping mall with several different departments. Purchase your fantasy art desktop images on this shop. Send my fantasy art to your mobile or cell phone using each fantasy images link to mPUSH. Buy prints of my fantasy artworks including my ever popular fairy art, alien planets, angels and heavenly images using the links to Photo Box. Have a look here if you want to download free fantasy desktop wallpapers.

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